W e aim to produce the best quality German wines and be known for the highest standards in quality and production while integrating sustainability into our business strategy and leaving a positive footprint by use of natural resources and eco-friendly practices in the wine industry. The whole process of wine production starts in our vineyards, before your favorite wine reaches to your glass. Our winemaking and farming teams work smoothly to ensure that all aspects of grape growing and harvesting are monitored under the best conditions. We ensure that only the best grapes go into every bottle of our German wines. Our wine hunters are a key part of the Wineport family. They has such a great knowledge of wine production. Over the last twenty years, Wineport has established itself as a pioneer and leader in the German wine industry, with milestones across its winemaking and tourism. Since the sale of its first bottle of wine in 1999, Wineport has made a mark in the German wine industry by capturing 55% of the wine market. Our vineyards are closer to The Rheine river beds. The temperate seasonal climate of Germany ensures high quality of grapes, resulting in perfect growing conditions and terroirs for premium wine grapes.


“We make wine with a thought of our customers, therefore the team …”

Douglas Adams

“Having never worked with a life coach before, I really did not know what to expect. Wow, was I surprised! I found out I could make it whatever I needed. Working with Philip has been great.”

Mark Jefferson


The German Wine Institute has bestowed upon the Eberbach Monastery the honor of "High Point of Viniculture".

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