Historical Wines produced by Kloster Eberbach, a 900 year old Monastery and Church. Courtesy Goverment of the Federal State of Hessen, Germany.

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Wineport & Co. is extremely privileged to present their exquisite and exclusive range of Historical Wines produced by KLOSTER EBERBACH.KLOSTER EBERBACH is a 900 year old Monastery and Church sited on the banks of river Rhine, where their winery is owned and run by the Government of the Federal State of Hessen, Germany.


Hessische Saatsweinguter.
Almost 900 years ago the first "daughter monastery" of the mother monastery Clairvaux to be located on the right-hand side of the Rhine was founded here in the Rheingau on barren soil.
Today we look back on Nine Centuries of winemaking which, because of its traditionally unfailing pursuit of quality, has made wine history throughout the ages. Join us on our Voyage through time.

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We bring you the exclusive taste of nine centuries worth of expierence.
A glorius range of riesling, dry rieslings and red wine. Made from precisely chosen grapes. Gentle and sustainable winemaking determines our contact with man and nature and in this way gurantees the preservation of this precious resource.


The German Wine Institute has bestowed upon the Eberbach Monastery the honor of "High Point of Viniculture".
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